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From the very beginning of its business, Dafeng has laid down its core values of “being honest and doing things in a down-to-earth way”. With the development of the enterprise, the company integrity-based cultural gene keeps pace with the times and continuously sublimates. The continuous cultural heritage makes Dafeng people confident, firm, steady and easy in the process of development.
55 Wholly Owned Subsidiaries
44 Professional Design Institutes
2000More Than 2000 Employees
17.6Total Assets 1.76 Billion
  • In 1991, Mr. Feng Guoxun, the founder of Dafeng, collected funds to rent several simple workshops at No. 26, Chengxia Road, Yuyao, employ more than a dozen employees, set up Yuyao audio-visual equipment factory, and began to produce and sell power connectors, distribution boxes, and photographic equipment. The products were sold from the original electric film studio to TV station.
  • In 1993, Dafeng acquired 3300 square meters of land and built 2500 square meters of factory buildings. At the same time, with the rapid development of China's television industry, the demand for film and television stage equipment, activity stands and public seats has increased sharply, and the technical content and quality requirements for the equipment have become higher and higher, while few domestic manufacturers have design and production capacity. Dafeng, taking this opportunity, resolutely decided to put all the first pot of money earned into the development of film and television equipment. From 1993 to 1996, Dafeng The company's products have been updated, and the number of employees has increased to nearly 200. Dafeng has come to the initial stage of stable development.
  • In 1996, Dafeng expropriated 36000 square meters of land, built 38000 square meters of plant, developed to more than 700 employees. Starting to produce injection molding, blow molding and "three in one" molding seats for sports venues, retractable movable stands, YH series seats are listed in the national Spark Program project, won the national high-tech enterprises, and successively expanded decoration and real estate business. Undertaking 7 venues of 2004 Athens Olympic Games enables Dafeng to realize the established strategy of international blue sea market expansion and achieve a historic leap.
  • In 2003, Dafeng acquired 133000 square meters of land, built 125000 square meters of factory buildings, employed more than 2000 employees and used modern equipment to build the most complete integrated cultural and sports facilities integrator integrating design, production, installation and after-sales service in China, with the registered capital increased to 153 million yuan. Take innovation as the core of enterprise development, be solid, precise, strong and large.