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Hangzhou "Lotus" will be the venue for the opening and closing ceremon
2019.11.21      大丰体育

“ 全球领先冰雪文体产业整体方案集成商 ” 



In November 2019, the full name of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center is "Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center", which is located on the South Bank of Qiantang River, east of the three bridges of Qianjiang River - Binjiang New City and Qianjiang century city block of Xiaoshan District. Hangzhou Olympic sports center includes a main stadium for 80000 people, a main stadium for 18000 people, as well as a swimming pool, tennis center, baseball and softball center, hockey field, small ball center, indoor track and field center and heavy competition center. It can hold world, intercontinental and national comprehensive sports games, international track and field and football games, with 80800 fixed seats for spectators, and is the largest in China One of the sports centers. 


The opening and closing ceremonies of the 3rd anniversary of the countdown to the 19th Asian Games in 2022 in Hangzhou and the opening and closing ceremonies of creative copywriting and theme slogan collection were officially announced. The opening and closing ceremonies of the Hangzhou Asian Games will be held in the main stadium of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center (Dahua).

In fact, as early as may 2016, the big lotus has been completed, but it has been standing quietly by the Qiantang River. Before and after the G20 Hangzhou summit, it can properly occupy the "C position" in almost all promotional films and news reports.

On August 10 this year, Wang Leehom's "descendants of the dragon" concert was held here, which is also the first time that the big lotus flower has bloomed in front of the public since its completion.

The main stadium of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center is the third largest stadium in China. It looks like a lotus flower and has a dynamic and elegant shape. It is composed of 28 large petals and 27 small petals.


The inspiration of this shape comes from the ancient silk texture and weaving system. The architectural form comes from the dynamic of Qiantang water. A piece of simple petal unit, like a beautiful lotus flower blooming on the Bank of Qiantang River.

In order to be more "unity of spirit and form", the big lotus also has many innovations in technical means. For example, in the project, the construction system of perforated metal plate combined with thin steel members is adopted, and the silk like texture of Jiangnan is realized by covering ETFE film, so as to make the building more gentle.

Not only that, using the latest river water source heat pump technology, Qiantang River water has also become the cold and heat source of the air conditioning system of Dahua, significantly reducing the building energy consumption.


Dafeng sports is responsible for the sound reinforcement, lighting, LED display, integrated management of competition equipment and other sports technology equipment and system integration of the main stadium and training ground. And with rich experience in the construction of major international events venues, high-quality products and services, it has contracted to complete the 80000 public seats project of the venue.